Essential Whiteboard Features for Art Teachers Who Work in Multiple Classrooms

If you are an art teacher who works in multiple classrooms, you may want a mobile whiteboard that allows you to easily take your lesson from room to room. Here are some of the features you may want to consider.

1. Caster Wheels With Brakes 

To make moving easy, look for a mobile whiteboard with caster wheels. Brakes are also essential so that you can lock the board in place when using it for a lesson. This works the best if you have a spot to store the whiteboard on site at the school.

2. Foldable

If you have to transport the whiteboard to the school rather than storing it on site, you may want to skip the caster wheels. Instead, look for a board that is foldable. These boards typically come with straps for easier moving, they easily fit in the trunk or back seat of most vehicles, and they set up relatively quickly.

3. Double Sided

Double-sided whiteboards give you twice as much space to write on. If you're delivering a long lesson on art history, a double-sided board lets you make lots of notes before you have to erase anything. They can also be useful if you want to prepare your lesson in advance and write on the board before the class.

4. Tray and Storage Baskets

A tray is available on every whiteboard, but it's a useful feature that you may want to insist upon. The tray gives you a spot to stow your markers in between notations, and it keeps your supplies within easy reach. Additionally, if you have lots of sample art work or art supplies, you may want to look for a mobile whiteboard with storage baskets. These are typically wire baskets mounted to the frame below the whiteboard, and they can hold anything from paintbrushes to paper for the kids.

5. Magnetic Boards

In addition to giving you space to write, many whiteboards are also magnetic. This is a great feature is you like to show the students a lot of art. You can simply grab a magnet and adhere the art to the board. That is more convenient and easier than dealing with tape. Just remember to buy a few sturdy magnets when you order your board.

6. Height

Finally, the height of the board is also something you should consider carefully. Some mobile whiteboards sit directly on the ground. They can work for a class of preschoolers or Kindergartners who are sitting on the floor in a circle around the whiteboard. However, if you are dealing with a large classroom of students at desks, you need a board that is high enough to be seen in the back row. When shopping, look at the height of each board and estimate how that height will work in your classrooms.