Four Signs Your Business Should Keep the Landline Phone and Not Switch to a VoIP

If you own a business, you may be wondering if you should switch from a landline phone to a VoIP (voice over internet provider) phone service. There are pros and cons to both, but there may be key situations where you should stick with a landline phone service. Here are four signs you should keep your landline.

1. You Have Spotty Internet Service

VoIPs have to run over the internet. If your internet frequently goes in and out, you may not want to run your business phones over it. Instead, you may want to stick with your reliable landline phone system. That often offers better voice quality and clearer reception, especially in cases where the internet is a bit unreliable.

2. You Want to Preserve Bandwidth

If your office is already pushing the limits of your internet bandwidth, you likely don't want to weigh it down with any additional pressures. When you use an VoIP, you take up extra bandwidth every time a call comes in. If you have fibre optic cables and really large bandwidths available to you, that doesn't typically matter. However, if you run your company in an area that only has limited DSL service or satellite internet, you may want to stick with a traditional phone service and save the internet for things you can really only do online.

3. You're Worried About Power Outages

In a power outage, you modem and your internet service won't work, and by extension, your VoIP won't work. However, a conventional phone line should still work. If you have a lot of power outages in your area for any reason, you may want to keep that in mind when choosing your phone system, and you may want to opt for landlines as they are more reliable in this situation.

4. Your Office Has a Single Location

One of the advantage of VoIPs is that you can move the service around easily. For instance, in many cases, your staff can download an app on their phone and answer calls to the office from anywhere. If you tend to work in a single location without doing a lot of traveling, you may be fine with a regular landline. Many phone services let you forward calls to other phone numbers if needed on an occasional basis.

To learn more about business phone systems or the pros and cons of different phone options, you may want to reach out to a phone technician directly. For more information, contact companies like One Step Ahead Communications.