Photocopier Security Features to Protect Your Sensitive Business Data

When you buy a modern commercial photocopier, you're adding a sophisticated system to your office. These devices aren't often thought of as computers, but they commonly include a hard drive, wireless compatibility, and other such features. As such, they can store the data that you transmit to them for copying. Since that data may be sensitive, you'll want to consider choosing a photocopier with one or more of the following safety features.

File Encryption

If you're working with sensitive data, you'll want to make sure that it cannot be read by other people. This is why some of those sophisticated commercial photocopiers boast file encryption software – when you transfer documents from your personal device to the copier, it will be encrypted to ensure that it stays private.

Overwrite Protection

It's quite unlikely that you will be using the hard drive in your photocopier for storage. However, many photocopiers will store your data automatically. This can be a great feature since it means that you can make more copies without having the original document to hand, but it's something you might want to avoid if you're going to be copying sensitive data. Overwrite protection is a good thing to look for if this is the case. Also known as zero-level formatting, overwrite protection copies new data over existing data, essentially eradicating it.

Pin Pad Access

Pin pad photocopier access is mainly a great way to prevent people using the machine too much, especially for personal rather than professional reasons, and that can be reason enough to use them. However, you may also want to opt for pin pad access since such systems will be able to track the use of each copier. You will be able to see who is accessing what, and you'll also be able to take action against anyone who has been overloading the system or using it inefficiently, potentially saving money as well as protecting your data.

Hard Drive Password

Pin pads are a great way to restrict and track access to your photocopier, but they won't be able to stop people accessing sensitive information that might have been left on the hard drive. Pin pads represent an entry point into the system, but you'll want further safeguards to ensure that not everyone can access any of your high level corporate data. Password-protected hard drives are a good option – to access the information they contain, you'll need the right watchword.