Essential Equipment for Creating ASMR Videos

Are you familiar with ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) videos? These calming, soft-spoken videos are designed to relax viewers and create a pleasant 'tingly' sensation in the head. Not everyone experiences ASMR, but those that do find the sensation intensely relaxing and pleasurable.

Whether you're an ASMR fan or just curious, you might be wondering how you can try your hand at recording an ASMR video. It could be the start of a successful and profitable YouTube channel.

There are a few pieces of equipment you'll need to create your first video, but you won't have to spend a fortune. Below is a list of the essentials and handy tips that can help make ASMR videos. 

Video camera

There'll be no video if you don't have a camera. Your video camera doesn't need to be too expensive, as many successful ASMR content creators started off with a simple handy cam or mobile phone camera. Audio is really important in ASMR, so it can be used to make up for substandard video quality. That said, there are many popular visual triggers for ASMR, like sweeping hand movements and brushing. If you plan to focus on this type of trigger, investing in a higher-quality camera is definitely worthwhile. Look for cameras that focus well on items in the foreground if you plan to make lots of 'show and tell' style videos.

Binaural microphone

Ear-to-ear sound is really important in ASMR, and you'll need a good binaural setup to create it. This could be two microphones recording on either side of you, which will play on either side of the viewer in the finished video. It could be a lower-end single microphone which records realistic stereo sound and serves as a great starter option. If you're serious about your ASMR career, then investing in a professional 3D binaural microphone is definitely worth considering. These clever microphones include realistic ears on either side, so you can give your imaginary viewer the best audio experience possible. This type of mic is ideal for haircut and makeup roleplays.

Quality headphones

You'll need high-quality headphones to ensure that your sound is correct during the recording and editing process. Plugging lightweight headphones or earbuds into your mic while recording is a great way to monitor what you're doing and avoid any sounds that are too loud or harsh. During editing, a pair of professional headphones will allow you to get a full picture of your audio quality, without missing any subtle sounds like cars outside or airplanes flying overhead. To learn more about the headphones you need, contact companies like Tivoli Hi-Fi Pty Ltd.