Commercial Network Security: Protecting Your Confidential Business Data

The advances in business information technology have caused an improvement in general productivity for most companies. For instance, administration processes are more streamlined, communication is more efficient and projects can be managed with more ease. On the other hand, malicious technology has also improved, allowing more cyber-attacks. There are more incidents of commercial hacking, malware infections and general incidents of data corruption. Companies which have lost their data through such events find recovery difficult. Here are some guidelines on how you can protect your confidential data and your entire business operation from threats.

Implement Multiple Security Measures

There are numerous methods which malicious people and organizations can use to attack your commercial IT network. Therefore, if you would like to protect your company, you should utilize multiple security measures to prevent a breach. In simple terms, combine different data protection solutions so that sophisticated multi-layer attacks will be detected and prevented. There are multiple security solutions that you can implement. These include firewalls, antivirus, spam filters and web content filters. You can also install intrusion detection and prevention systems which identify and thwart suspicious activities in your network.

Create Backups and Disaster Recovery Plans

There are effective and advanced data protection measures in the current IT market. However, there is no invincible security solution, especially in an industry where improvements occur constantly. Therefore, it is important to protect a copy of your data, applications and processes. These will allow you to restore your normal company operations even if an attack on your business network succeeds and damages your data. Create backups or duplicates of your data regularly. You can send the copies to a secure cloud environment provided by an IT support company. In addition, you should have a disaster recovery plan which outlines the procedures that you should take to restore a corrupted network to normal.

Secure Hardware and Mobile Devices

If malicious hackers can obtain access your hardware or mobile devices, they will have an easier time breaching your network. Therefore, you should ensure that these are secure.  Your data centre should be protected against unauthorised access. People can intentionally or accidentally cause damage when they have direct contact with your servers and disk arrays. Laptops and mobile devices are highly vulnerable because they are often taken out of the office. You should protect these by using a centralised management solution. This will allow you to monitor and even shut down or format the devices remotely.

For more information on data security, consult an IT support service