Should You Have Your Flat Screen TV Mounted?

Purchasing your first flat-screen TV can be incredibly exhilarating. And if you have spent a substantial amount of money for your home entertainment, chances are you want to take the best care of your television. Thus, it is unsurprising for some homeowners to be skeptical about mounting their televisions. Some concerns you may have is what to do with the wires that will be dangling underneath or worse yet, your TV falling off the wall! But in truth, your flat screen may be better off on the wall. Read on for three compelling reasons why you should enlist flat-screen TV installation services to mount it for you.

Mounting your flat screen is safer in the end

The most significant debate surrounding the mounting of flat-screen televisions is whether they will be safe up on the wall. However, this should not concern you for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the TV is mounted on a wall bracket. These wall brackets are designed with different flat screen specifications in mind. Therefore, when you leave this to the professionals, they will know precisely what type of bracket to employ that will be capable of withstanding the weight of your television. The second reason why you should not be worried about safety is that professional installers will have the appropriate tools to secure the bracket firmly, and subsequently the television, on the wall. This solution is much better than leaving your television freestanding on an entertainment centre where a minor accident could topple it over.

Mounting your television makes your living room more spacious

While TV stands and entertainment centres come in a wide selection of designs and sizes, the one commonality is that they require floor space. If your home is limited on this space, the room can quickly appear cramped once you have your large flat screen television in place. It would be better for the aesthetic of the room if you have the flat screen mounted, as this leaves you extra room to do with as you wish. Not to mention that choosing to mount the television translates into cost savings since you will not have to purchase an appropriate stand for it!

Mounting your television reduces the risk of eye and neck strain

One handy feature about some of the brackets that are employed to mount flat screens is that they are adjustable. So irrespective of where you mount the TV on your wall, you could always elect to adjust the positioning to suit your eye level. You will not enjoy this convenience in putting your TV in a freestanding position. And if the TV is either too high or low when placed on a stand, you could start suffering from unnecessary neck pain or eye strain.