Top Benefits of Front Door Access Control Systems in Multifamily Apartments

With nearly a third of Australians renting homes in multifamily housing, the time is ripe for build-to-rent properties. However, how do you make your multifamily property attractive to potential buyers and tenants? One way of doing it is by beefing up security and safety by installing access control systems. Today, access control systems are popular in multifamily apartments and have proved to be the difference in a highly competitive property market. Besides safety and security, residents and property owners can benefit a great deal from a reliable access control system.

Skip the Door Person 

In the past, apartments had a door person who let residents and visitors into the building. Notably, each apartment had two door attendants working in shifts (day and night). Although doorkeepers perform a crucial and vital task, they add to the operational costs of managing an apartment. Access to an apartment with a managed entryway would be impossible for a resident if the door manager was away and the tenant did not have their keys. Front door access control systems skip and eliminate the need for a door person, reducing an apartment's management cost. Besides, residents can easily let in visitors by simply buzzing them into their apartment without leaving the couch.

Enhanced In-Home Deliveries 

Home deliveries are a convenience that apartment dwellers appreciate a lot. However, if you live in an apartment where you need a key to access the front door, in-house deliveries can be a problem. This is because delivery staff must approach an apartment manager for keys and authorisation, a process that can take quite some time. Access control systems enhance in-house delivery services since a service provider's credentials are verified instantly and access granted remotely. In sophisticated access control systems, delivery services are issued a one-time access code. Notably, the one-time code expires immediately after a delivery staff enters an apartment for security reasons. With such hassle-free access, residents continue to enjoy the convenience of delivery services.

Seamless Access to Common Spaces 

Some modern apartments are designed and equipped with shared spaces, such as swimming pools, mailrooms, playrooms, garage, and gyms. The shared spaces enhance the living experience for residents. However, access can be a nuisance if residents have to use different keys for each common area. For instance, if your apartment has a swimming pool, a gym and a playroom, you need five keys; three for each common room, one for your apartment door and another for the main front door. An access control system allows residents to use the same key card or code to access common spaces in an apartment.  

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