How High-Performance Homes Are Designed

Would you like to own a home whose performance will be superior to other homes in all aspects? Below are some of the techniques that leading building designers can use to make your dream a reality. Use of Software Tools The leading building designers usually have an assortment of proprietary software to help them to develop and evaluate different simulations to select the systems that will perform exceptionally. For instance, the designer can use software to compare different energy efficiency measures (such as using triple glazing instead of limiting window openings).

Commercial Network Security: Protecting Your Confidential Business Data

The advances in business information technology have caused an improvement in general productivity for most companies. For instance, administration processes are more streamlined, communication is more efficient and projects can be managed with more ease. On the other hand, malicious technology has also improved, allowing more cyber-attacks. There are more incidents of commercial hacking, malware infections and general incidents of data corruption. Companies which have lost their data through such events find recovery difficult.

Essential Equipment for Creating ASMR Videos

Are you familiar with ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) videos? These calming, soft-spoken videos are designed to relax viewers and create a pleasant 'tingly' sensation in the head. Not everyone experiences ASMR, but those that do find the sensation intensely relaxing and pleasurable. Whether you're an ASMR fan or just curious, you might be wondering how you can try your hand at recording an ASMR video. It could be the start of a successful and profitable YouTube channel.

Photocopier Security Features to Protect Your Sensitive Business Data

When you buy a modern commercial photocopier, you're adding a sophisticated system to your office. These devices aren't often thought of as computers, but they commonly include a hard drive, wireless compatibility, and other such features. As such, they can store the data that you transmit to them for copying. Since that data may be sensitive, you'll want to consider choosing a photocopier with one or more of the following safety features.

Commercial Cabling: Three Factors to Consider When Selecting Optical Fiber Cable

There are multiple data cabling options to consider purchasing and installing in your new commercial space. One of the ideal choices is the optical fiber cable. This product performs better than the copper wire alternatives such as the twisted pair. In simple terms, the fiber optic design allows transmission of signals in the form of light, which means that the connection is not affected by electromagnetic environments or attenuation. Moreover, the data transmission capacity of optical cables is much higher than the other choices.

Putting in Access Flooring? Add These Features and Accessories

If you're thinking about putting in a data access floor, you may be wondering which accessories and features you need. Your installer can help you hone in on the right equipment for your data cabling needs, but in addition, you may want to check out the following ideas. These products can help protect, organise and increase access to the data cabling under your access floor. 1. Snake Trays To imagine a snake tray, imagine a series of croquet hoops connected together with wires running through them.

Want to upgrade to a better phone system? Read on

A major part of perennial success is the ability to scale up your business in order to meet the demands of consumers and expanding technology. In regards to phone services, chances are that your old phone system basically is no longer cutting it, which signals the need for an upgrade. This article highlights 4 phone system upgrade alternatives that can transform your business communication to greater heights.  Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Technology

Four Signs Your Business Should Keep the Landline Phone and Not Switch to a VoIP

If you own a business, you may be wondering if you should switch from a landline phone to a VoIP (voice over internet provider) phone service. There are pros and cons to both, but there may be key situations where you should stick with a landline phone service. Here are four signs you should keep your landline. 1. You Have Spotty Internet Service VoIPs have to run over the internet. If your internet frequently goes in and out, you may not want to run your business phones over it.

Essential Whiteboard Features for Art Teachers Who Work in Multiple Classrooms

If you are an art teacher who works in multiple classrooms, you may want a mobile whiteboard that allows you to easily take your lesson from room to room. Here are some of the features you may want to consider. 1. Caster Wheels With Brakes  To make moving easy, look for a mobile whiteboard with caster wheels. Brakes are also essential so that you can lock the board in place when using it for a lesson.